Product Spotlight: Rinse Bath & Body Co. Roll-On

In Quinstance, there’s a little item on our honeycomb wall, often overlooked, that can provide a much larger experience than its small size might suggest. The Rinse Bath & Body Co. Roll-On is about the size of a lip balm – which makes it convenient to carry around in a purse or a pocket – but its impact on your daily routines could be huge.


If I had to pick two words to describe the Roll On, I would say “poetic simplicity.” Partly that’s because the ingredient list is incredibly simple, but also because of what it does. All you do is roll it on your forehead or temples. The squalane oil, a light, easily-absorbed oil, creates a pleasant tingling sensation. The essential oils, extracted from various plants, provide the aroma. Eucalyptus oil, for example, helps alleviate congestion, while lavender oil generates a sense of calm and relaxation. Rinse makes a scent for practically every kind of ailment: AllerEase for allergies; Tea Tree, an antiseptic that soothes skin irritation; Peppermint for migraines; and Thievery, which helps combat cold and flu. I personally use the two that we carry in the store — Peppermint and Lavender— because at different times of day I am often either fighting off a headache or trying to wind down enough to sleep.

Even a small item like this can have a big impact on your outlook. Rinse’s Roll-Ons have become part of my daily life, and I encourage anybody to try them out!