Our store wouldn't exist without the products we carry. And those products wouldn't exist without the people whose hands, hearts and heads are constantly engaged in making their products and then making them better. Everything we carry has a story behind it, but more importantly every story has a person behind it. 

We've introduced The Maker Space at Quinstance as another way to support our local artisan community. Makers of all kinds — quilters, knitters, scrapbookers, jewelry-makers, crafters et. al. — can book time in the space to spread out and work! Reserve now

We've begun a new short series called Impact Statements, in which we will feature a different maker each Friday. It allows us to share the impacts our makers have on the environment, their communities and the world. 

Read our Featured Maker archives to learn more about the artisans we work with:

Nancy Rothner Pinch Me Dough October 2016
Manish Gupta Matr Boomie August 2016
Rachel Faller tonlé April 2016
Samantha Morshed Pebble March 2016
Jenny Cleveland Creative Women January 2016
Lisa Ramirez A Flower for Rose December 2015
Isaac Childs Rustico November 2015
Nellie Rose Davis Nellie Rose Textiles October 2015
Gerald Croteau III American Stonecraft September 2015