Product Spotlight: Rustico Wallets

Wallets are a pretty traditional gift for Father's Day, and we carry several kinds. The Misc. Goods Co. Wallet is a minimalist one: just one flap reminding you to "Keep It/Lose It" and it holds a few bills and cards.

Rustico Globetrotter Wallet The Rustico Globe Trotter Wallet, though, is a more conventional, leather bi-fold wallet. It's what you think of when you think of your dad's wallet. Except that like all Rustico products, it's much more than basic. It's made from their signature top-grain cowhide, and it represents the quality and detail that make Rustico products so durable.

Rustico Wallet Broken-inBut something you might not immediately realize about the Rustico wallet is how great it looks broken-in. Nick was kind enough to take pictures of his nicely broken-in wallet after about 8 months of use. The corners get a nice burnish from being put into and taken out of pockets. The edges round around the cards stored inside.

Rustico Wallet Back Best of all, there's a patina that just develops around the whole thing. It makes the wallet really "yours," individual. Nick has said that when customers come in and look at the Rustico wallets, he pulls his out to show them how they look broken-in. Because yeah — as lovely as the pristine wallet is in that photo above — Nick's "real" wallet, the one he's been carrying around for 8 months, really is more impressive. Nick's wallet is truly Nick's wallet; it's a quinstance for him.

So if you want to get your dad something that he'll remember, something he'll use, something he'll care about, you could do worse than a plain old wallet. At least if it's a Rustico one.