quinstance: n. [kwɪn'ᐧstəns] 1. An object you stumble upon that makes you happy each time you use it, put it on, or look at it; a serendipitous find. 2. A new store coming to Burlington, MA, that carries just such objects.

Hi, we're Quinstance! And we're opening soon with things to put a smile on your face. A scarf that makes you feel good every time you put it on. A vase that makes you light up each time you bring it out. A piece of jewelry that you get compliments on every time you wear. A soap that gets you going each morning, ready to face the day.

We specialize in handmade, and particularly American-made, products. We work to find unique objects locally and from afar so that you can stumble upon something new each time you enter the store. 

Why “quinstance”? It's a coincidence, it's quirky, it's a little different. But we think you'll find it's a lovely way to shop for yourself and others. Stop in and see what we're about — opening Spring 2015!