To continue the "Behind the Scenes" series, I thought I'd do a construction update. You'd think there would be pictures to go with that, wouldn't you? Except that there aren't. That's been part of the learning process for me in this project: commercial construction moves even more slowly than residential construction!

I posted my first pictures of the space two months ago, at the end of January. Well, it looks pretty much the same today. We have had a record snowfall this year, so construction has been very slow throughout the area. But the lease negotiations have also dragged out a bit (have you noticed that there's no official address posted yet?). And flu season has set everybody back too.

Here's the good news, though: the architects are finalizing their drawings and sending them out for permits this week; the lease will officially be signed this week (when I announce an address you'll know it's signed); and the landlords have assured me that the space will be handed over for us to start our end of construction whenever we're ready with permits in hand! So, no photos for now, but watch for address posting and ground-breaking photos very soon!

{Oh, and I should say, my wonderful architects are helping me find some very cool ways to emphasize through the design what the store is all about. We're reflecting the handcrafted materials of the products in the surroundings of the store: wood, glass, metal. We're incorporating a "Featured Maker" space so we can share the stories behind the objects with you. This is going to be one awesome store! If I do say so myself ...}