Now that the merchandise has been bought, we're into the less-flashy parts of opening the store: hiring, designing the space, searching for fixtures, paying the invoices on the merchandise, etc. etc. This part doesn't have much by way of visuals, but I thought you might still want to hear about it. This post is the first in a "Behind the Scenes" series on some of those goings-on.

Through the interview process for the store manager, for example, I've had the opportunity to talk with some really talented individuals. Explaining Quinstance to them has helped refine the my vision for where I want the store to go. We're focusing on bringing unique brands and products to our customers, of course, but we're also focusing on creating a positive experience for customers each time they visit. I've been excited to find that these candidates are as passionate and enthusiastic about the Quinstance experience as I am.

By finding committed, experienced, hardworking people to staff the store, we'll be able to bring you the best in customer service. You've already seen the care that's gone into choosing the lineup of products on our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages. I'm taking the same approach to finding a manager, and it seems to be paying off!