One of the best parts about Quinstance is our mission to keep things fresh and vibrant in the store. We’re constantly looking for new products to carry, searching for items that could become someone’s quinstance. We’re devoted to the idea that customers should forge a connection with what they buy. As such I thought I would tell you about a new product that we’ve begun carrying, namely--

Duke Cannon Soap

For some of our dedicated Facebook and Twitter Followers, this post may seem redundant as we’ve already spoken at length about our new product. But let me ask you this: Is it redundant to watch a bald eagle majestically take flight while grilling burgers in the backyard to the sound of REO Speedwagon? No? That question doesn’t even make sense? Exactly.



Anyway, we received an order of Duke Cannon Soap thanks to our friends at the Grommet. We’ve been excited about carrying Duke Cannon soap for a while now, and we finally got it.

Duke Cannon is essentially Ron Swanson (or my amazing rhetorical question) as conceived by soap-makers; it comes in Big-Ass Bricks (actual term) three times the size of ordinary soap, muted colors, and scents such as Accomplishment and Naval Supremacy. They actually test their soaps on active U.S. Army servicemen and give a portion of the proceeds to veterans!

Yes, Duke Cannon is deliberately tongue in cheek about its masculinity. What isn’t tongue in cheek has been the response from customers. Everyone who has seen the soap, men and women alike, have been nothing but charmed by its sense of humor and quality. People want to pick up the soap and find out what Victory smells like or get a feel for the weight of the Brick. They’ve responded to the infectious humor, motivating them to bring the soap home.

Whenever a customer giggles at the scent names or looks impressed after smelling Productivity, I know that they are making a connection to the soap. That’s the connection we want to see from everyone who walks into our store, whether it’s with Duke Cannon or with one of our other products. And every time I see that happen, I know Quinstance is fulfilling its mission.

If Duke Cannon Soap sounds like it would make you happy every time you use it, check it out! It is the most thematically appropriate soap for Independence Day!

Oh, and on that note, Happy Independence Day everyone!