Quinstance isn’t just comprised of wonderful items; it’s comprised of wonderful people as well! As such, it would be remiss of me not to introduce you to everyone who works at the store and what objects in their lives make them happy.

When it comes to introductions, we have to begin with the woman who started it all: Erin Sandler!

Last year Erin decided to follow her dream of starting her own business. Although initially unsure of her business’ focus, she attended numerous trade shows allowing her to meet makers from all over the country. Inspired by their artistry and perseverance, she chose to focus on American made and fair trade goods so that artists and makers could follow their own dreams as well.

Erin is nothing short of a mastermind with a clear vision for what Quinstance is and where she’d like it to go. She’s also a wildly compassionate person able to turn employees into loyal friends with ease. I think I can state without reservation that everyone at Quinstance loves working with her and is devoted to making her vision a reality.

As for Erin’s quinstances, both old and new, I think she puts it best:

“Something old: Two summers ago, my mother and I went to Prince Edward Island, Canada, on a birthday trip for her. We went to a play one night, and in the gift shop at the playhouse was this pair of earrings made by a local jewelry designer. I actually thought I had lost all of my jewelry on that trip—long story—and I instantly fell in love with these. Now I wear them all the time, and they remind of that trip and my time with my mom and that play.” 

“Something new: I really, really love our Nellie Rose scarves and petals, as you can tell from the picture. I met Nellie at my first trade show, and she's just the loveliest person! The colors she gets out of her silks are absolutely amazing, and they're so soft and beautiful. They embody exactly the idea of ‘something that makes you smile every time you put it on.’ I get a big grin every time I look at her scarves in the store, but even more so the ones that I've bought for myself!”

Stay tuned as I introduce all the other members of the Quinstance team!