Our team introductions continue! Last week we introduced our fearless leader Erin Sandler. Next up we have our Assistant Manager and Erin’s right hand woman: Tiffany Worthy!

Tiffany has twelve years of retail experience, working in numerous businesses including The Children’s Place, J.Jill, and Tourneau. Tiffany was drawn to Erin’s vision and passion and instantly wanted to be part of such a dynamic concept. She also saw an opportunity to grow with Quinstance and to form a family at work, which were both thoroughly appealing to her.

As Assistant Manager, Tiffany brings an abundance of marketing and customer service knowledge to Quinstance. She helps Erin come up with promotions and accompanies Erin to meet more makers at trade shows. She makes it a personal mission to train the less experienced members of the staff, helping us to provide better customer service and to be the best we can be. Tiffany is an incredibly warm and friendly person, always capable of raising the energy level of the room while maintaining impeccable professionalism. We are lucky to have her on the team and in our lives.

Tiffany’s home quinstance is a stuffed doll of Littlefoot from The Land Before Time. Tiffany has owned Littlefoot for 27 years; it was a gift from her mother that represents her childhood. Littlefoot symbolizes her first exploration of the world venturing out as a preschooler and beginning the adventures of her life. She hopes to one day share her quinstance with her own children so that they might find the same strength from it she did.

Tiffany’s store quinstance is the Gary Bodker Kero Modern Lamp. For Tiffany, it transcends its basic function of illumination. Tiffany sees Gary’s lamp as a work of art which speaks to her about the juxtaposition of light and darkness both in nature and in humanity. She thinks the lamp creates a space for relaxation and reflection where people can slip away into their minds.