Continuing with the introductions, let’s meet our next Quinstance teammate: Peter Fotis!

Pete first met Erin through a unique coincidence: Erin’s family moved into Pete’s former home! He was thrilled to have a wonderful family move into his childhood home and over time Pete and Erin would become better acquainted through Pete’s full time job at Starbucks. Impressed by Pete’s hardworking and friendly personality, Erin offered him a position with the Quinstance team. Pete’s geniality cannot be overstated, nor can his compellingly philosophical outlook on life. He brings enthusiasm and humor to Quinstance and makes all our days a little brighter.

Pete’s personal quinstance is a replica of a Dragonball from Dragonball Z (pictured below). Pete and his friends participate in video game competitions based around Super Smash Bros. Melee. The friends formed into a team, forged by their love of the game and the time they spent training together. The Dragonballs, purchased by one of the members, symbolize their unity and friendship and continue to evoke positive feelings from Pete every time he looks at it.

Pete’s store quinstance is the American Stonecraft display rack for the Farm Coasters (pictured above). Pete loves everything about the way the rack looks: the wood, the burned-on logo, the way the coasters sit in the stand. Separately, the display rack and the coasters each catch the eye. Together, the combination of wood and stone makes Pete happier than anything else in the store.