Our staff introductions continue! We now move to our other part-time associate, who is crucial in helping us keep the store staffed when our busy schedules pull us in different directions: Nicholas Groulx.

In addition to working at Quinstance, Nick is a full-time shift manager at Starbucks (the very same Starbucks that Pete works at, no less). Nick is a dedicated employee with an incredible attention to detail, and he always comes through for us when we need an extra pair of hands. Outside of work he is, by his own admission, an avid technology nerd: he built two computers by himself. An adventurous man, his chief hobbies include hiking, mountain climbing, and driving.

Nick’s home quinstance is in fact his car, which he calls EVA. Nick values the reliability of his vehicle, having owned it for several years, and he is very protective of it. He says that EVA has never let him down yet.

Nick’s store quinstance is, much like Pete’s, the American Stonecraft Farm coaster. Nick’s eyes light up every time a new order of coasters arrives, and he loves looking over every one for his favorites. He sees them as beautiful pieces of art that were made from what many consider to be junk, a concept which resonates with him.