November 19 — American Made Matters Day

The logo to the right is the logo for the trade group called American Made Matters. We're members of this organization, which you've probably never heard of unless you've seen us post about them on one of our social media accounts. You've probably also never heard of American Made Matters Day, which is November 19.

I had never heard of it either, despite being a member of the group, until a few weeks ago. American Made Matters often posts on social media that if Americans moved 1% of their spending to American-made goods, it would create 200,000 more jobs. Their goal is to get Americans to spend 5% more on American-made products to create 1,000,000 more jobs. That's what November 19 is about for them.

What November 19 is about for us is celebrating all of our makers. All the connections between the people who made the product and the people who buy and use the product. When a customer comes into our store, we hope they have a different kind of experience. We're not a grab and go kind of store. We're not here for the impulse buy. We want you to find something that speaks to you and will add meaning to your life. We will be open on Black Friday, but we won't be doing anything special for it. In fact, we'd rather that you support us on Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. Or that you use us as a sanctuary on Black Friday, because we'll be calm, just like always.

On November 19, though, join us in celebrating American work and American workers. Use the discount code AMM1119 to take 15% off all American brands* online at checkout. Shop in the store and we'll handle it for you.

Or come in on the evening of the 19th to be an American maker yourself. The designers from the Hagen Gallery will be on hand for a jewelry-making event. Light refreshments will be served and participants will each make a Swarovski crystal and pearl necklace to take home. Tickets are $45 and RSVPs are required.

Start your holiday shopping by shopping American! We have 50+ American brands to support, and the makers range from a local Burlington, MA, woman who makes hair accessories to a glassblower in Portland, OR, who makes bowls and lamps to America's most American brand of soap.

*Note: Gräf & Lantz products are excluded from this promotion, due to contractual constraints with the vendor.