New website

I hope you've noticed that we have a new look to our home page. While we were busy promoting Small Business Saturday and the 12 Days of Quinstance, our IT elf (aka Dan, the unsung hero of Quinstance who develops all the software and backend that makes your orders go through) was working behind the scenes to make this new home page happen.

Here's a little tour of what's new: 

New Arrivals chooses from among our newest products in-store and online and links you right to one of them. We all have our favorite items that stay in stock, but we're always excited to share what's new, too!

Featured Maker will always take you to our Makers section. We're committed to sharing the stories of the people behind the products, and our series on featured makers allows an even more in-depth look at how they do their work. In the Makers section, you can read the latest profile as well as access the current makers' collection for shopping. As we continue building this section, we'll add our archives, so that you can read about all of our amazing previous makers too!

Connect is the section I'm most excited about. At the moment, it links to our About section, where you can read more about our concept and our definition. However, in the future watch for updates from our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds, as well as updates on events and promotions. This will be the most dynamic part of our Web site and your chance to really connect with us.

I'd love to hear what you think of the new site. Let me know what you think, what you'd still like to see, or just how Quinstance is working or not working for you: