Product Spotlight: Faribault Coffee Sleeves!

As a nation of coffee drinkers, I’m positive this has happened to you: you’ve been given your beverage with the cardboard sleeve around it to ensure a better grip and thought “This sure does seem like a waste of paper.” Which it totally is. Plus factory corrugated cardboard is ugly. Overall it seems like an unpleasant little part of your routine, a visual and environmental damper on what should be your time to wake up and recharge or wind down.  

Faribault Coffee Sleeves provide a neat and reusable alternative! Faribault has been working with wool for the past 150 years, making them masters of the craft. In addition to making blankets, scarves, and throws in all sorts of styles, they take the leftover material around the factory to craft these little coffee sleeves so none of the wool goes to waste.


The sleeves slip easily onto hot and cold beverage cups, whether you’re a Dunks 
fan or a Starbucks regular. They can be used for hot or cold beverages, making them the sleeve for all seasons and all drinks. And perhaps most noticeably of all, they’re gorgeous! We stock a wide variety of styles and no two sleeves are exactly alike. Choose a bright solid or a muted neutral or a fun plaid.  Or maybe even get more than one to reflect your different moods!

It’s one of those things that makes everyone here at Quinstance a little happier; almost all of us have one!