End of the year wrap-up

I feel obliged to write something to cap off our year. I could tell you how much we've grown: from handling just shy of 1600 orders last year to over 2700 this year. Or I could put it in terms of manpower: from three full-time employees last year at this time to two full-time and three part-time now. I could point to all the events we've done, from Relax & Refresh in January to the Toys for Tots drive this month.

Instead I want to reflect on where we're going. It's been a tough year for so many. On the national level, the election generated so much friction and tension. On the personal level, myself and my staff have all faced challenges and difficulties.

But rather than dwell on the past, I want to look to the future. I've shared my favorite photo from the store from 2016 here, some glowing candles in a Monique Studio votive tray. There's so much about this photo that I love. I love that I took it and it didn't need any editing (I'm no photographer!). I love the way the glass looks like water in the candlelight. I love that Monique is a local artist and that we've been able to develop relationships with her and many other local artisans throughout this year.

What I love most about this photo, though, is that it those little candle flames are shining against the dark night outside the window. I want our store to be a little candle flame for each of our customers: small but unwavering, offering peace and comfort amidst uncertainty, local and exuding warmth to passersby. From the beginning, Quinstance has been about finding that little something that you connect with. I sincerely hope you'll allow us to help you find that in the coming year. 

Thank you for supporting us this year! And wishing you all the best for 2017...