Fall Look Book - Men's

Continuing our Fall Look Book with our men's collection:

Guys, we've got you covered. Sure, you're probably not thinking about how to coordinate your hat with your bag. You may even be too manly to worry about a hat at all. That's OK. You know what you should be worrying about? Dry skin. Chapped skin. On your face and on your hands. What's the use of smelling great and wearing a cool T-shirt if your face is cracked? And who's going to want you to touch them if your hands are cracked? Fix it. We've got solutions.

Mountain Man (L):
This look says "I'm headed to the mountains this weekend. To my cabin. Maybe get a little writing done in my Rustico journal." Then again, maybe it's just a comfy sweatshirt from United By Blue, a Philadelphia-based company making responsible clothes and gear. The enamel cup is from them, too. You don't have to go to the mountains. It's OK just to relax with your coffee and your journal and think about what you would do if you had a cabin and went there this weekend.  (Sweatshirt: $64; Mug: $28; Coasters (leather, set of 4): $28; Tablet case/journal: $50)

Well-Groomed (R):

"Adventure is Worthwhile," says this United By Blue T-shirt.  We agree, but we'd add that being prepared for said adventure is worthwhile, too. For example, you gotta start with clean. Duke Cannon soap comes in four scents to express who you really are: Smells like Victory ... Accomplishment ... Productivity ... or Naval Supremacy (shown). Once you're out of the shower, you can become a living example of  Walton Wood Farm's motto "Men don't stink." Their solid cologne comes in a nice tin - easy to travel with - and they offer six great smells. And remember that chapped skin we talked about? The Duke Cannon Bloody Knuckles hand balm works on the toughest skin. No, really: we know a Starbucks barista who uses it to heal up from sloshing in sanitizer solution all day and an HVAC guy who slathers it on to soothe electrical burns.
(Shirt: $38; Soap: $8; Hand balm: $16; Cologne: $36) 


Get Local (L): OK, Philadelphia isn't all that local. And this is another UBB T-shirt and mug. But you know what is local? Worcester, where The Men's Soap Shop is based. They're the cool people behind this flask of aftershave that smells like bergamot (it's an herb; it smells awesome. Trust us.) They also make beard oil and shave kits and other good stuff to make you look and smell fantastic. As they say, "A gentleman need not be shaven to be considered smooth."
(Shirt: $38; Mug: $28; Aftershave: $28; Beard Oil: $26)

Support Veterans (R): Oscar Mike makes inspiring T-shirts that give back to disabled veterans. Their Oscar Mike Foundation receives 10% of the purchase from every T-shirt they sell. So you look good not only when wearing the T-shirt itself but by knowing that you're giving back to vets who have given their all. (Duke Cannon gives back to vets, too, having been founded by a couple themselves.) To round things out, we've got Oatmeal Stout shave soap from Rinse, Duke Cannon's face wash (one user says it's like being slapped in the face in the shower; that's supposed to be a good thing), and Duke Cannon Cannon Balm lip protectant. 
(Shirt: $30; Shave Soap: $8; Face Wash: $16; Lip Balm: $9)