Featured Maker: Nancy Rothner of Pinch Me Dough

Last summer, I had the pleasure of meeting Nancy Rothner, the founder of Pinch Me Dough. We were at the American Made Show in Dallas, and I got to experience the transformative therapy of Pinch Me firsthand. I was hooked, and I placed an order on the spot! The therapy dough is scented with essential oils and made from natural ingredients (Nancy doesn't want to share the exact recipe for proprietary reasons, but she assures us that it's all good stuff!)

This month Nancy and Pinch Me are our Featured Maker, and my interview with her is below.

Q: What is your background? Tell us a little about how you got into aromatherapy and reflexology. 

NR: For the last 15 years I have worked as a clinical hypnotherapist specializing in the field of stress reduction. Through working with clients I have seen how effective aromatherapy can be.

Q: How can people work your techniques into their everyday lives? What are the practical applications of your work?

NR: With my product you can use it throughout the day while reading, studying, using the computer or anywhere else you need to unwind.

Q: How did the Pinch Me dough come about? What was the inspiration?

NR: Working with clients I have seen that stress is at an epidemic and my thoughts went to those who aren’t coming into the office and are still experiencing stress so I wanted to find a way to reach them.

Q: What has been the most surprising thing you’ve encountered as you have developed Pinch Me?

NR: So many different age groups seem to connect with and like Pinch Me.

Q: What kinds of reactions do people usually have when they pick up Pinch Me for the first time?

NR: Curious, intrigued, and then after kneading it feel relaxed.

Q: When we first met, you explained to me that in aromatherapy release of tension comes less from the general properties of a scent than the personal connection with it. Please correct me if I have the wrong impression. So with lavender, for example, everyone knows that it’s supposed to be soothing and relaxing. But if lavender isn’t a scent that a person connects with or is in fact a scent they dislike, they’d find more relief with, say, Tropics. Can you say more about how that works?

NR: When someone finds a scent that they like their body’s reflex is to have a full open breath to want to experience it fully. In contrast, when someone finds a scent they dislike, they restrict their breath which keeps tension in the body.

Q: Are there any scents that just don’t work? What have you tried that has not worked out in the process of developing Pinch Me?

NR: Most do not work. I have tried hundreds and when I find one that does work, it’s a huge breakthrough.

Q: What are the new scents on the horizon for you?

NR: More is in the works for the future however, for now, cafe and melon.

Q: The last question we always ask our makers is: what’s your quinstance? And if you are willing — would you share a picture of that?

NR: My Quinstance is my cat Luke and every time I stop and look at him he makes me smile and laugh.