Introducing: Brass and Unity

We're launching a new corner of our Website: The Source. This will take the place of our Featured Maker section, although you can still read our Featured Maker archives here.

First up, we're introducing Brass & Unity. Kelsi Sheren founded her company after returning as a Canadian veteran from Afghanistan with post-traumatic stress disorder. Her jewelry designs incorporate elemental beads long considered to have healing properties, alongside shell casings that have actually been fired from military guns. 

The purpose behind linking beauty and might in this way is to heal veterans, especially those returning from overseas with PTSD. Kelsi's experience is not an uncommon one, and she has dedicated herself to reaching out to veterans all over the world, of all kinds of wars, so that they can share their support and respect. A portion of all sales goes toward veterans' causes.

Brass & Unity collections are "Warrior"-themed, highlighting the strength of the men and women who serve. Their jewelry is designed to be unisex, with many colors and textures. One piece is a seed bracelet whose clasp is a simple piece of brass. It's the only one in the collection that doesn't use a shell casing, and its purpose is to allow those for whom bullets might be a trigger for their PTSD to still benefit from the healing and inclusion the brand represents.

We're proud to now be carrying Brass & Unity, and we hope you'll enjoy their designs!

Fun fact: Kelsi's designs range from a simple Mini Warrior Bracelet for $60 up to a gorgeous diamond and 14k gold necklace for $8000. We're starting out with some of the simpler pieces!