Love, Love, Love

Valentine's Day is around the corner. And while we certainly can show you wonderful items for your sweetheart, that isn't the love I'm celebrating in this space. 

The love I want to share with you – the love I hope you'll share with others – is the simple, interpersonal humanity we share. We have all read terrible stories in the news about destruction, oppression, denial of rights and hateful speech and acts committed against some of the most vulnerable people in our country. That's not America. And that's not Quinstance.

Instead, we choose love. Love for our country and love for its people. Love for our planet and love for its people. Love for our neighbors as well as our families. Love for our community and also our friends. We're not the only ones. We've also seen wonderful acts of love out there in reaction to the hate.

Quinstance is my labor of love and has been for almost two years. Love is at the heart of our business model, because I truly love the products I bring into the store. I love my vendors and I deeply appreciate the love I know they put into their work. I love my staff and I know you do too! I love you, my customers, and I want you to love the store, the time you spend in it and the things you take away from it.

So I'm asking you to choose love this season. Sure, get your honey something or your kids or your mom for February 14. But choose love today and see what happens.