Skin Care in Winter

Our friends at Walton Wood Farm remind us that Winter's a B*tch. So much so that they (and we) are completely sold out of that hand rescue! We've just emerged from some pretty harsh conditions, but as New Englanders we know that this January thaw isn't likely to last.

Taking care of your skin in winter presents an extra challenge: there's very little moisture in the air and the wind whips that cold, dry air right across exposed skin. Frostbite, chapping, cracking — these are not pleasant things to deal with!

So we're highlighting some of the best products for taking care of your skin throughout this season. Relax, we'll get through this together ...

Best Face Forward

Your face has some of the most delicate skin on your body, and it's some of the most-exposed skin during winter.

Honey Belle's elixir sets provide a daily antidote, though. Add them to your cleansing routine to rejuvenate, soothe and protect that beautiful puss! The Gold Collection includes foaming face cleanser, toner and face cream. Or go Luxe for an entirely serum-based approach.

Best Hand Fix

After the face, the hands take the brunt of winter's wicked sting. Shoveling,  skiing or even just walking the kids to the bus stop can put your hands in harm's way. 

Bloody Knuckles hand salve from Duke Cannon does the opposite of what it sounds: it saves those chapped hands from cracking and bleeding. Despite its manly packaging, it's a light, non-greasy formula that we know for sure women enjoy too! 

Let's Get Personal

Those Canadians up at Walton Wood Farm have a sense of humor. They've formulated a couple of products to care for the most intimate of skin. Their B'ver Balm and Proud Cock Manscaping Balm soothe the places where the sun don't shine. You can use them where the sun does shine, too, though. Anyplace that needs a little TLC after waxing or shaving can benefit from these.

The Toes Have It

Well, the toes need it, anyway! I know for me personally my feet are some of the toughest skin to care for during the winter. 

Fortunately, Rinse makes great Peppofoot products to tingle your toes! The Pedi-to-Go kit has a travel-friendly spray and lotion stick, but the best part is the foot polish. It honestly is almost as good as a professional pedicure for dry, dead skin. (And even if peppermint isn't really your scent, it doesn't leave you smelling like a candy cane. It's closer to an astrigent or citrus scent with a hint of mint.)

That Overall Ahhhh

When you're ready for a good soak in the tub after sledding (or snowblowing), Spinster Sisters has an array of good ones to choose from. 

Their Orange Hibiscus, Calendula Cornflower and Lavender Rose soaks contain pink Himalayan salt — known for its detoxing properties — and epsom salts — which have been used for centuries to relax muscles. And if you'd prefer some tea with your bath, they've whipped up some bath teas, sitz baths and facial steam teas that you can measure into a muslin bag to soak to your skin's content.