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What to get Mom?
This could be to your wife from the kids or for that wonderful woman who raised you. Quick and painless to buy but well-received!
(Works on mothers-in-law too...)

Walton Wood Farm
Women Smell Pretty Box

Fill one of these boxes with any hand rescue, sugar scrub and bath soak by Walton Wood Farm. Women Smell Pretty($68, incl box)

Walton Wood Farm Women Smell Pretty Box

Faribault Woolen Mills Throw Blanket

Made in Minnesota by a 150-year-old mill, these blankets are cozy and practical but heirloom quality. Get this for Mom and years from now the kids will be arguing over who it gets handed down to. ($150)

Matr Boomie Small Cutwork Box

This little box keeps a few treasures close at hand. Store your rings or loose change on your nightstand or use it for paperclips on your desk. She'll find uses for it, and she'll want to display it because it's so beautifully carved. ($18) 

Gifts for Guys

Guys are not easy to shop for. That's a given, right?
We can make it easier. 

United by Blue Polar Pullover

United by Blue is a clothing company based in Philadelphia that creates sustainable gear for men and women. They're driven by their connection to the outdoors, so if you know a guy who likes to be outside this will hit the spot! ($64)

Duke Cannon
Handsome Man Grooming Can

Women aren't the only ones who care about smelling nice! Your guy might not say it, but he'll appreciate the collection of these manly scents all in one adorable - I mean, tough - paint can. Includes two full Big Ass Bricks of Soap, face wash, 2 lip balms, Bloody Knuckles hand relief and shave cream. ($80)

Gräf & Lantz Card Case

These felt cases, made in L.A., can be used as a business card holder or as a slim wallet. Up his style game with something small. After all, you don't want him to change completely, do you? ($20)

Stocking Stuffers
We have loads of little goodies to stuff those stockings. Or as a Secret Santa present. Or a teacher gift. Or ...

TOPS Malibu Holiday Surprize Balls

These are a larger, holiday-themed version of the ones we have for kids. Each is about the size of a baseball and has 12 small items wrapped inside. Maybe a tiny horn or a new ornament? Unwrap to find out! ($20)

Faribault Woolen Mills Coffee Sleeve

That throw blanket up there for Mom? Well the mill takes remnants from those blankets and turns them into these neat coffee cup sleeves. They feel much better on your hand than those cardboard ones, plus they insulate your drink a little. And you can tell which Starbucks or DD cup is yours on a crowded conference table. ($12)

Rinse Bath & Body Mini Box of Goodness

Rinse is the one who makes those fabulous shower bombs. And this is a little surprise box of Rinse goodies. Every one has a salt soak, a lip balm, a lotion stick and some soap samples. But you don't know which scents you'll get until you open it! This one really is for teachers, daughters, sisters, all the grandkids or anyone else. ($25)

What about the kids?

Tree Hopper Toys Stencil Sets
These stencil sets come with cutouts of Adventure, City or Monsters and step-by-step instructions to create full-page scenes with them. But the best part is watching your child's imagination take off and create their own pictures out of the sets. ($22 each)

A Flower for Rose Hair Accessories
Made right in Burlington by Lisa Ramirez, these hair accessories never stay on the shelves long. Lisa hand-folds the fabric that makes up the flowers and then sets them on alligator clips, bobby pins and headbands. 

Zooguu Faux Taxidermy
Zooguu is a Massachusetts company that makes these stuffed and mounted animals. Kids have been absolutely wild about them this winter since we got them in. Choose from Elephant, Moose, Narwhal, Squid and more in two different sizes. ($60 small/$80 medium)

Gifts for Foodies and Hostess Gifts

American Stonecraft Food Slabs & Coasters
Each of the slabs American Stonecraft cuts turns out a unique product. Their workshop in Lowell is a sight to behold (see our Instagram video)! With sizes ranging from 4" coasters to 10" slabs, you can find one that fits the color scheme and the budget you're looking for.($25-$125)

Monique Studio Glass Trays and Votive Holders
Monique Feldman creates these beautiful trays from recycled plate glass in her Burlington studio. From a small 2-candle votive holder to a large serving platter, these pieces are one of a kind and will be appreciated by anyone who likes to set a table. 

Pequea Valley Forge Kitchen Tools
Al Stephens is a blacksmith in Alabama who hand-forges these iron kitchen utensils. There are choppers, pizza cutters, cheese slicers and a candle snuffer. They add rustic, antique charm to anyone's kitchen, while being absolutely functional.