This is Farewell

It's true — Quinstance is closing. We are (very) sad to say goodbye. But here you'll find answers to most of your questions. Please stop by to say goodbye!

Why are you closing?
We've run at a loss since the day we first opened. As much as we love our concept and all of our makers, it's just not sustainable in the market at the present moment. 

When are you closing?
There isn't an exact date. Our sale begins Aug. 6 and will run until we're out of inventory. But it won't be overnight!

Where can I get those products I've come to rely on?
Almost all of our makers sell directly through their own websites or through other stores. Search for your favorite brands, and you'll be able to order them. 

What happens to my Quinster points?
You can accrue and use them up until we're completely closed. 

What if I have a Nift I haven't used?
We will be accepting Nifts through Aug. 31. Nift will also be happy to let you choose a different gift if you would rather. Please contact them.

What about Summer Bingo?
Keep playing! We won't be closed before Aug. 25 when the game ends, so the stamps and extras and drawing are all still going on! We've got some good giveaways coming up, so make sure you stop in!

But I'll miss buying products that I know are good for people and the planet!
We will too! But those brands are out there. It just takes a little effort to find them. If we leave any legacy, I would hope it is that our customers still want clothing, soap, handbags, toys, etc., from makers doing good in the world. Search out those products and support them with your dollars!

What now? 
Rob and I have started a consulting business to help the little guys keep emerging into the world. We will help those Etsy shops and little boutiques get off the ground and get noticed. You can find us at Daydreamers Consulting. Our dream is still to help build other people's dreams of working for themselves.