What if you could change the world...

...just by how you buy your clothes? Fashion Revolution Week is about this exact idea.

On April 24, 2013, there was a catastrophic building collapse in Bangladesh at Rana Plaza, a clothing manufacturing facility. 1134 people died and thousands more were injured. And a fashion revolution began.

When you purchase a piece of clothing, do you look at the label to see where it was made? We're not here to shame you; we all buy clothing made in Bangladesh, India, Vietnam and other developing nations where manufacturing is cheap. Fashion Revolution Week, though, is about remembering that there are actual people behind the clothes you wear. Being a part of the fashion revolution means caring about those people: Do they work in safe, clean conditions? Do they get paid a fair wage for their work? Have the materials in the garment been sourced ethically, with respect for the environment? Are the workers exposed to harmful chemicals in the process of making that shirt or those pants?

Fashion Revolution Week seeks to make us all aware of these factors when we choose what clothing to buy. The great news is that all of the brands we carry are ethically made by real people. Most of our clothing is American-made: angelrox, Easy, Tiger, United by Blue, Laurel & Octavia, Flytrap, Tiny Whales and Oscar Mike. And the fair trade companies we work with – tonlé and Pebble Baby – subscribe to this model of ethical fashion as well.

We want to make it easy for you to shop ethically, which is why we only carry American-made and fair trade products in the first place. And in honor of Fashion Revolution Week, 10% of all clothing purchases will be donated to the Clean Clothes Campaign, a non-profit organization that encourages clothing manufacturers to be open about their materials, their labor practices, their wages and more. You can also help by asking manufacturers "who made my clothes?" Fashion Revolution Week's website has an easy form for you to fill out to send to your favorite brands to ask. And all our ethical clothing is right here: Shop Now!