What is clean beauty?

Many of you already know that I attended the Indie Beauty Expo last week in Los Angeles. It was really eye-opening and wonderful to meet the up-and-comers in the beauty industry. Quite different from the other trade shows I've been to, but such a positive atmosphere!

I'm going to spend the month of February writing about the benefits of "clean beauty," which I learned so much about at the expo. And we'll be bringing in some great new brands and products to help you clean up your skin care and cosmetics routine. 

Clean beauty refers to the movement in the cosmetics industry to remove harmful chemicals from nail polish, mascara, lipstick, and so forth. It includes a commitment to be cruelty-free — not tested on animals — and many times it also includes a commitment to plant-based materials — vegan-friendly. 

This is about so much more than vanity. You may be thinking, "I don't care about the latest 'hot' shade of lipstick" or "I don't worry about my laugh lines; I love them!" Whether we want to or not, though, we're all beholden to the beauty industry. If you so much as wash your face with conventional soap, you may be putting ingredients from the naughty list onto your skin (credit Nude and Noir). These are chemicals known to be carcinogenic, toxic, or hormone disrupting.

Who wants to knowingly add that to their daily routine?

I'm not trying to scare you! I'm not above a box of nuclear orange mac & cheese now and then. But I do also actively seek healthier alternatives. The best part about the Indie Beauty Expo was seeing how many fantastic alternatives (like Nude and Noir!) are out there. I look forward to sharing my discoveries with you this month!

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